Kaakie Must Go – We Are Sick And Tired Of Her -Some Dome Market Women To President Akufo-Addo

A group of market item leaders, queen mothers, and executives have held a Press Conference to drum home their grievances to the government . Wearing red bans, chanting war songs have a simple but biting message for the Ga East MCE , Hon Kaakie Mann ‘MUST GO’ ; in short they are calling for the immediate removal of the MCE by the President. They asked the president to replace her in TWO WEEKS or will not cast their votes for the NPP again. Their beef with the MCE is that she has been very disrespectful, arrogant, boastful and oppressive in her dealings with them ever since she assumed office a little over two years ago. “We want to say that in the era of Hon Janet Tulasi , Some Kwabenya, Taifa and it’s environs saw a massive improvement especially development at the Dome market.

This was in the Covid time as a result of UNITY and MUTUAL RESPECT at the time in their midst . This is not the case today Since Hon Kaakie took over nothing is being done to improve on their lot because she is uncooperative and unyielding. “. The women clad in red attire ,cloth and brandishing various placards with aspersions changed war songs. They alleged in their Press Statement that instead of the MCE forging cooperating and development, she has created a big wedge and confusion on the market bringing in its wake under development and factionalism. The MCE was accused of causing

Confusion,disunity,fear and panic, divide and rule among others. And they see these tendencies as unproductive and anti progress. They also alluded that she is not up to the task and so the president must as a matter of urgency relieve her of her position or his party risks losing massive votes in the constituency which is second to Bantama in terms NPP votes in Ghana in 2024 . They complained that their business conditions have slumped very low as a result of her machinations and incompetence . The women accused her of not seeking the market’s and their welfare but intimadating and threatening them and a whole lot of allegations of misconduct and improprieties.. “As we speak she wants to eject us for a school project but we were here long before the school ,does she want us to go hungry ,and how do we take care of our children and husbands ?. Ironically she has not found us any alternative location but she says we should vacate our place “. The market women also complained of bad condition of Dome market that urgently needs to be fixed. They complained of poor drainage, security, darkness, untransparent allocation of new stalls, spaces among others. They therefore appealed to the President to fulfil it’s pre campaign promise of modernising the markets as it serves so many communities, the biggest in the enclave and it also generates the biggest revenue for the assembly in Ga East .

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