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Researchers Reveal How Having Your Own Blanket Helps A Marriage

If you struggle to feel well-rested when you wake up, you might consider trying the Scandinavian sleep method. Many people today have insomnia and other sleep disorders for various reasons. The fast pace of life, artificial lighting, numerous distractions, and overuse of technology have contributed to poor sleep habits. While we can’t always change our stressors, we can at least control our sleeping environment, including having our blanket.

The Scandinavian sleep method is effective because it promotes positive sleep hygiene. You might think sleep looks the same everywhere, but Scandinavians have perfected the art of slumber. Especially in America and other industrialized countries, we could learn a thing or two about proper sleep.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, everyone needs high-quality rest to function optimally in daily life. However, the Scandinavian sleep method mainly benefits couples since it involves sleeping with two separate duvets or comforters instead of one.

That way, if one person sleeps hotter than the other, they can remove the covers rather than sweat all night. Similarly, someone who shivers at night can add an extra blanket and not worry about making their partner uncomfortable. So, it’s a win-win since both partners will experience better sleep and, by extension.

If you and your SO spend your nights tossing and turning, read on to find out how the Scandinavian sleep method can enhance your life.

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How to Practice the Scandinavian Sleep Technique (Each Partner Gets a Separate Blanket)


1. Forget the top sheet.

It may seem strange, but you’ll want to forgo the top sheet when making the bed. The idea behind the Scandinavian bedtime ritual involves making sleep more comfortable for couples. Eliminating the top sheet prevents partners from fighting over covers all night. It often gets crumpled up at the bottom of the bed anyway, making it unnecessary for a restful sleep.

So, after putting on the fitted sheet, you can skip to the comforters or duvets. If you prefer having a top sheet, consider adding two separate twin sheets for you and your partner. That way, you can still enjoy the extra comfort and warmth without playing tug-of-war with the covers.

2. Add two twin duvets or comforters.

The most crucial step of the Scandinavian sleep method involves choosing the duvets for each partner. This way, couples can have improved temperature control and cater to their individual preferences.

For instance, if one partner tends to get cold at night, they can snuggle under a heavy blanket without overheating the other half. Many couples fight about bedding materials and styles, so having two duvets eliminates this problem.

Plus, instead of one partner compromising and feeling miserable throughout the night, each partner will get their needs met. In addition, sleeping under separate comforters allows for more personal space while still offering opportunities for cuddling. Couples can still cuddle before bed and then retreat under their blankets for the rest of the night — a win-win for everyone!


3. Keep your windows open at night for fresh air.

The last part of the Scandinavian sleep method calls for letting natural air into your home at night. Of course, this may not work for those who live in humid or hot environments, at least in the summertime. But leaving your windows open at night can improve sleep quality during the fall and winter.

In Scandinavia (which includes Norway, Denmark, and Sweden), they call this open-air sleeping or plein-air sleeping. Scandinavians typically allow fresh air into their homes every season, regardless of the weather. Not only does this lower energy bills, but it also keeps stale air from recirculating throughout the night. However, if you don’t have screens on your windows, the bugs may quickly become a problem.

So, consider this step optional and only practice it if you can do so comfortably. But if you live in a moderate climate, you might prefer sleeping without the AC after a while.

Hopefully, these tips will help improve your slumber and leave you feeling more refreshed the next morning. This technique may also enhance relationships since fighting over the sheets will become a distant memory. So, before you get a “sleep divorce” from your partner, consider trying this method.

Studies show that partners sharing a bed typically have improved sleep quality and mental health. However, not getting proper beauty rest can have the opposite effect, so optimize your slumber with the Scandinavian sleep method.


Final Thoughts on the Scandinavian Sleep Method

If you’ve never tried to sleep like a Scandinavian, you’ve missed an opportunity for improved slumber. The technique involves removing the top sheet and only using a duvet or comforter. For those in relationships, each partner should choose their duvet based on their temperature preferences. Neither partner will feel overheated or chilly during the night and can enjoy a deeper rest. The final step involves leaving the windows open to allow fresh air into the room. Following this technique can simultaneously improve your sleep quality and relationship. If you try it, let us know how it works in the comments!

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