Nsuta: “Long Journey driver” murdered by ex-boyfriend of his new girlfriend he found in town

According to the Assemblyman of the area, Bonkrong, the late driver who is believed to be in his early fifties is not a known resident of their town.

Speaking on Kessben FM’s Breaking News with Kwasi Ntiamoah, Mr. Boateng narrated that the lady, the girlfriend had apparently separated from the father of their children in December 2022.

The driver reportedly met the lady as a single woman and fell in love with her but the ex-boyfriend for some reason still had some interest in the mother of his children even after they separated in December.

On the night of the murder, the Tipper truck driver was spotted with the lady at a birthday gathering of the lady’s friend.

The ex-boyfriend spied on the driver and murdered him at where he had been sleeping and dragged his body into a nearby bush according to eyewitnesses.

The lady and her ex-boyfriend have all been picked up by the Nsuta police after the sad development.


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