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70% battery left: 20 years after, Nokia 3310 found in drawer still on

A Nokia 3310 phone abandoned for 20 years was discovered with a 70 percent battery life.

Kevin Moore said he went into a drawer in search of the key to his shed when he stumbled on the find

Nowadays, the average phone has a battery life of about 73 hours and requires constant charging

The last thing Kevin Moody, a roofer from Ellesmere Port in the US expected to see when he opened his drawer was his old, rugged and abandoned Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

But the shock was not just about discovering a vintage phone, but that Moore was shocked that the phone was still on with 70 per cent battery power left.

Ads by Nokia 3310 left on with 70 per cent battery life Credit:Oliver Helbig Source: Getty Images Switched on 20 years after Moore had intended to clear out her man drawer looking for a key to the shed when he chanced on his old Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

The phone was still switched on and amazingly has 70 per cent battery remaining 20 years after.

Moore said he did not remember plugging the phone to charge and does not even own a Nokia 331o charger.

Today, iPhones and Android devices have an average battery life of 72 hours and require plugging in all through the day to have enough power for a journey.

People react Nokia which still makes mobile phones have branched into renewable energy but does not make phones with durable batteries like the 3310.

One person commented: “The Nokia 3310 battery is like perpetual motion. It shouldn’t exist, but it does. One Nokia 3310 can power a city for all time.” According to reports, the Nokia 3310 went out circulation due to threats and shady dealings from fossil fuel operators, as a battery that never ran out could destroy the fossil fuel industry.

Moody’s phone currently serves him well as both a texting device and a spare hammer for when he drops his at work.

Source: Legit NG

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