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I Pay Rent, Utility Bills, Give Chop Money – Man Cries After Finding Out Wife Has 3-Bedroom House Secretly

A man has shed tears after finding out his wife is using him whiles she is enjoying life.

A young husband has cried after finding out his wife has been using him as a fool whiles she enjoys.

Reaching out to a social media relationship coach to voice out his pain, he talked about how he’s even taking care of home with his normal salary of 4,500 cedis.

She forced the husband to buy for her and thankfully he got a good deal from a friend who made him pay in installments.

One day the husband’s sister asked for a phone and he managed to get his wife to give her the old phone.

This was when he found out his wife has been using him as a fool courtesy undeleted chats on her old phone.

He found out she owns a house she built in the period of their marriage and a bolt which makes sales for her.

She aside the money from her house she rents and the bolt sales, her salary is 7,000 cedis.

The man says he’s broken and he’s thinking of ending her life as revenge for using as a fool.

Source: Ghsplash

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