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C/R: 25-year-old man caught for stealing goat ahead of Christmas

A man identified as Kofi Bandoh has been busted by the police after he was caught with a goat he allegedly stole.

Eyewitnesses say Kofi Bandoh was on a motorbike carrying something which was wrapped in a sack.

The movement of the goat in the sack drew people’s attention to suspect Kofi who many believed to be a thief.

According to Kessben FM’s reporter in Awutu where the incident happened, the people called the police personnel who were at the next police barrier ahead to stop an incoming motorbike for search.

After the police searched what was on the Motorbike, it was a goat which had been wrapped in there. Kofi could not however claim ownership of the goat.

He was made to carry the goat around the town as part of his punishment before he was sent to the cells.


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