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Transformation Of A Lady’s Complexion Causes Stir On Social Media

Social media users have reacted to the transformation of a lady’s complexion.

The before and after photos of the lady are in contrast and this is due to the fact that the lady looked dark in her before photo, however, she looked fair in her after photo.

Check out the photo below;

Some reactions from social media users are;

@GucciStarboi – I go like see the centre of her yansh, I wan check something

@krikko100 – This is what happens when you want to sell your body. Most ladies believe lite complexion brings more clients.

@CappyGerald – There’s one part of the body that can’t be bleached. I’ve said too much.

@CabriniDivo – Leave people to do what they want to their body or with their bodies.
If you want to bleach please bleach. If you feel it would make you more confident, then do it. 🤷🏾‍♂️.
Y’all are so judgemental.

@edwin_kube – You can mistakenly date her twice without knowing 😆…. when she black and now that she’s fair

@DebbieDanielle4 – This one don commot the cornified layers finish..melanin gone. Go sis.. woman supporting woman 🤝😂

@_gr8ness_ – Her cream plug must be really proud of her. Not even a single black spot wow what a bleach! 😁

Source: Ghgossip

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