I was tired; Issues kept piling up – MzVee reveals why she left Lynx Entertainment

MzVee has spoken about why she ditched her former record label, Lynx Entertainment. According to her, she had been drained to the point where she fell depressed. She described her exit as a difficult time in a deep dark place.

Speaking on what triggered her exit, MzVee admitted that she was unprepared for the showbiz world. She described how her ‘timid’ nature propelled her to bottle up and suffer.

“The switch from being who I was in my small home and coming into this big world of show business was draining. So it got to a time, I was just tired.

“Growing up, I was very timid and kept things to myself. I was afraid. So if someone did something to me, I kept it to myself. So I think it was issues stemming from a long period,” she told JoyNews.

MzVee also apologised to those she may have wronged when she isolated herself. She said, “As I grew up, I came to understand certain things that happened when I was younger. It just drained me. At one point, I just went into this deep dark place. I left my record label. I unfollowed so many people on social media. It was a very difficult time.”

source: 3news

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