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Man dumps his fiancée after she wrote on Facebook that she can “cheat on him for GHC25,000

A lady has revealed how a man dumped his fiancée he was supposed to marry later this year.

According to the user, @JojoNitq, the said man dumped his fiancée after she commented “Yes” on a Facebook post that asks if she can cheat on him for N1million.

The user asks whether the man’s action was right as she tweeted,

A man cancelled his wedding that was supposed to take place in December 2022 ….because the bride to be commented yes on Facebook that she can cheat on the husband for 1Million naira …someone that knows her screen shot it and showed the guy….was the man’s action right?

Meanwhile, a young Nigerian woman expressed gratitude to her lover, whom she claims spent millions of naira to rent her an apartment.

The pretty lady who took to social media to thank her man prayed for God’s blessing on her, so she can probably reciprocate his kindness.

She claimed her boyfriend spent N2.4 million as rent for the new apartment she had just moved into.

Sharing the video online, she wrote,

”To my boyfriend thank you for paying for my new apartment of 2.4m. God bless me so I can spoil my baby”.

Source: Yabaleft

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