Keep talking to stay relevant; Always celebrating bad news – Tinny hits back at Stonebwoy

Tinny has accused dancehall/reggae musician Stonebwoy of trying to use his ‘problem’ to stay in the trends. He has asked Stonebwoy to finish his agenda by telling the whole story about paying the debt and how he (Tinny) got his car back.

Although Tinny confirmed that he still has a good relationship with Stonebwoy, that did not stop him from dragging Stonebwoy and adding more insults.

“Yes, he paid the money, but how did I get my car? So he has done well so he should come and tell the people for more trends.

“My mom called me from the UK, and I told her not to mind them because they are pigs. I felt good. I’m not going to focus on them because they bring bad news. That’s all they do,” Tinny told Andy Dosty.

Tinny further accused Stonebwoy and the others of pushing bad news about people.

“Assuming a call came through that Tinny has won some award somewhere else, or I’ve done some great stuff, or I’m doing some charity work, they wouldn’t have spoken about it. All they do is celebrate bad news. It’s about time they stop that… I’m a different artiste.”

source: 3news

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