Nigerian singer denies spitting on police amid controversy

Nigerian singer BNXN, pronounced Benson, has commented amid the controversy that he allegedly spat at a police officer.

BNXN, whose real name is Daniel Benson, boasted on Twitter about spitting on a police officer’s face, in a now deleted tweet.

A spokesman of Lagos state police said the star “will surely answer for his assault on a police officer”.

However BNXN is now rowing back on his comments, saying he never spat on any officer’s face at all and people should not take his previous comments seriously or literally.

“My since deleted tweet stating that I spat in a police officers face was an idiomatic expression to say I disrespected a police officer to his face and not the literal way people may have taken it on social media. I do not support violence or abuse against the police in any form,” he tweeted.

“I was in a life threatening situation which caused me to lash out due to the physical assault on me by some policemen who have now been brought to book,” he continued.

He also went on to thank “reputable” police officers for their intervention.

source: bbc

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