They said they want to teach me a lesson – King Promise explains his ‘no-awards’ problem

King Promise spoke about his no-awards conundrum and has alleged that some people in the industry have decided to sabotage him as punishment for his ‘loftiness’. Ghanaian singer said it bothers him that his fans are always left out at the end of Ghanaian music awards shows like the VGMA’s and 3Music Awards.

King Promise revealed this sinister plot to Delay during an interview. He said, “I have heard stories like ‘he thinks he’s too good for the industry, so they are teaching him a lesson. But that’s not the case. As I said, I’m fully Ghanaian to the core. And anything I do to the rest of the world is me representing Ghana.”

The Nungua-born and raised Gregory Bortey Newman stated that he isn’t disturbed by the powers-that-be’s decision to dismiss his contribution to the industry locally and internationally.

“It’s not like it bothers me, but at the end of the day, when I wake up after the awards, I’m the one trending, not even their awards. And I’m like, Ah, my fans are not happy. And that one bothers me. Why is everyone talking about it? Because everyone knows that I deserve it,” he emphasized.

King Promised new album, The 5 Star Album, is making rave reviews on every music platform.

“I have done so well for myself and the country in general. I had the most streamed Ghanaian album of all time. And when that happened, I wasn’t nominated for Artiste of the Year. But when I didn’t have any album, I was nominated for Artiste of the Year.

“Apparently, for the criteria, you must have an album and have your own concert. I have Promise land and an album doing crazy numbers. But they didn’t. When I didn’t have an album, they nominated me. So I’m like, where’s the problem? What is really happening?”

source: 3news

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