Management of Kessben TV hold fruitful discussion with Seniorman Leyla comedy – Details & More

The management of Kessben on Thursday 11th August 2022 held fruitful discussions with the Seniorman Leyla comedy team for a possible partnership.

The team includes the newest comedy sensation Pilato GH who has won the hearts of many after his famous buying of “Gob3” comedy skit went viral.

Viewers of Kessben TV are set to be thrilled with much more comedy content as the management of the Adum-based TV station intends to unleash some new programs.

The structure and Synopsis of the new comedy content show which is likely to be spearheaded by Seniorman Leyla are currently being designed understands.

The Aseda House-based TV station was recently added to all DSTV packages. Kessben TV can now be accessed on DSTV channel 364 and GOtv channel 173.

The station in the weeks ahead will be unveiling some new TV shows to add up to their already educative, informative, exciting and impactful on-air programs.


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