Humility beats any form of education – Bullgod argues that ego kills talent

Nana Asiamah claims humility will override any kind of education in all settings. He made this assertion on Showbiz927 with Caleb Nii that education is secondary to being humble in life.

“Humility beats any form of education, whether formal or informal. If you look at the word, it says it is the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. Don’t put importance on what you do because it builds ego. And ego will kill you.

Bullgod further argued that focusing too much on one’s success can derail a person from seeing the bigger picture and sparking a decline.

“Don’t put importance on what you do. The minute you start putting on what you do, that’s when you will die,” Bullgod continued.

For Bullgod, a person’s purpose on earth is bigger than the scope they find themselves. He mentions great men in history whose names continue to live on because they served humanity in humility.

“Whatever you do is a contribution to humanity. It’s a service. Once you understand it from that point of view. I never believe that somebody comes and passes away even after your death (mortal/physical). We still say Nkuramh is not dead. The guy is still here. So I believe that physically, you cannot be here, but you can be here forever!”

source: 3news

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