Amenfi West: The sex workers were using Juju to make men stay (Video)

Some women residents in Wasa Amenfi apparently complained that their marriages were crushing due to the increasing patronage of the sex workers.

Amenfi West Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Lord Nana Tandoh, on Monday 8th August 2022 led a team of a task force to demolish the structures of the sex wokerrs used as a camping base.

The activities of the sex workers in the mining area are dominantly Nigerians which seem to satisfy some of the miners and inhabitants of the communities around.

After the demolition exercise, some residents shared their excitement noting that their marriages were on the verge of collapsing.

Some of the debris found after the demolition exercise were concoctions in bottles and condoms.

According to some residents, the sex workers were using the Juju to make their customers always come for more at snub of their various women.


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