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Community police officer breaks lady’s nose with a handcuff after accusing him of rape (Video)

The community police officer in Asante Akyem South identified as Obed Gyasi could not keep his calm after a young lady insulted and accused him with the intention raping her sister.

According to an eyewitness account on Kessben FM’s Breaking News, the community police officer went to the residence of the lady to pick her sister up after a charge was pressed against her at the police station.

Upon reaching the house of the person she was to arrest, the lady went inside her room to change but the young community police officer insisted that he will follow the lady into her room.

The sister of the accused lady who went to the room reportedly told the community police officer that she will not allow him to enter the room and further insulted the police officer.

Obed Gyasi could not contain the insults by the lady as he hysterically reacted with anger by smashing the handcuff he was holding in the face of the lady who apparently accused him of entering to rape the lady who had entered the room.


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