Sigma Ghana Opens New Showroom in Kumasi, urged pubic to be careful about quality of gas cylinder

Sigma Ghana, a multinational company with 24 years’ experience and 4 ISO certifications has opened a new showroom in Asafo, Kumasi.

The new showroom opening forms part of Sigma’s localisation agenda to give customers access to a wide range of quality gas cylinders and household appliances that the company produces.
Sigma’s product portfolio comprises gas cylinders and accessories, irons, AC’s, ovens, stoves, kettles, and other household items that follow rigorous internal and world-standard quality assurance processes.

In his opening remarks, Sigma’s CEO, Mr Jad Jaber, said “We are disrupting the existing supply chain model for the end-users by providing more efficient solutions reflected in our competitive prices, exceptional lead time to delivery, availability, aftersales services, quality control, cylinder and appliance safety.”

“At Sigma, localisation is at the core of our business model, resulting in social, economic, environmental and health impacts,” he added.

General Manager for Sigma Ghana, Mr Carlo Zeitounian, also stated that the newly opened showroom will serve a dual purpose; “point of sale and showroom, while offering a wide range of AC’s, appliances, cookers, cylinders, stoves, among other appliances designed with the end user in mind.”

He mentioned that “the production of all products in the Sigma portfolio follow strict standards and guidelines set by international and local certifying bodies, starting with the controls upon receipt of the raw material to the production and delivery of quality products.”

The location was noted to be strategic to serve customers in the northern sector of the country with an existing showroom at the North Industrial Area in Accra to serve the southern sector.

Attendees at the opening were given a tour of the showroom, tips on how to properly use their appliances, and safety tips on the handling and usage of LPG in their homes.

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