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Midnight robberies in Adum: Residents forewarn they will bury alive any robber they catch (Video)

According to the residents of Adum in Ahafo Kenyasi, the least they will do to a robber who is caught in the town is beat him to death.

There have been incessant robberies attacks in town which have triggered some residents of the town to take the law into their hands.

A resident speaking on Kessben FM’s Breaking News with Kwasi Ntimoah said that having a robber killed in the town will put an end to the robbery attacks.

Markets women who wake up at dawn to go to the market have been the most victims of the robbers in Adum.

A market woman who lives in the town was recently attacked and robbed of GHC5000.

A gentleman who had no money on him was also recently beaten to a pulp after they took his mobile phone from him.


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