Entertainment industry is suffering because of myopic gatekeepers who lack vision – Kwaku T

English rap pioneer in Ghana Kwaku Tutu, popularly known as Kwaku T, has used harsh words to describe Ghana’s current entertainment industry gatekeepers while speaking on radio about the current state of affairs.

Without mincing words, Kwaku T said the so-called gatekeepers in the industry are people with limited vision who are stalling the growth of the industry with their myopic thinking.

“The vision in this country is limited. They always had a myopic vision and they know that,” he echoed.

He cited an example saying it is myopic thinking that makes people set up a filling station 5 minutes away from each other.

“We always have myopic thinking, that’s why someone will open petrol or had a station and 5 minutes away from that is another station selling the same petrol. What were you thinking before you did that?” the rapper quizzed.

Kwaku T also announced his return to the music industry with an agenda to reform the sector and propel it to a higher pedestal.

Kwaku T is a doyen in the rap industry in Ghana.

He forms part of the icons who fought for English rap music to enjoy regular rotations on the radio back in the early 2000s.

source: 3news

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