The nurse only brought Paracetamol and plaster without oxygen — Confusion over death of passenger at KIA

There seems to be contradictory reports over the death of a middle-aged man who travelled from the United States of America to Accra.

The deceased was reported to have arrived in the country on Friday June 17 on board United Airlines from Dulles International Airport Washington DC.

Immediately, he touched down, he complained of tiredness and difficulty in breathing, according to a statement from the Ghana Airport Company Limited (GACL) and he was offered a wheelchair and given medical aid.

But he unfortunately died at the Airport Clinic, where he was rushed to for medical attention.

However, one Emelia Van Eck who on Facebook claimed to have witnessed the last minutes of the incident has challenged the account of the Ghana Airport Company Limited.

Emelia said she witnessed the last 10 minutes of the fatality and stressed that the man could have been saved “if there was proper First Aid” at the airport when the man was made to sit down without any proper treatment.

According to her, the nurse who showed up after SOS calls only brought a medical bag filled with Paracetamol and plaster without oxygen, defilbrillator and first aid kits contrary to report of the man rushed to the clinic when he was alive.

“We have the most expensive cars and houses in Ghana and no first aid kit to save a life?” she wondered.

Read below Emilia’s post on Facebook and Airport Company’s statement with files from DGN online:



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