Abanga promises monthly support of GHC5000 to each TESCON institution

Evidence of voter behaviour from past elections points to the direction that the New Patriotic Party significantly dominated with votes across the various tertiary institutions in Ghana.

These gains undoubtedly are occasioned by the efforts of TESCON at the individual campuses. Despite the crucial contributions of TESCON to the course of our Party, the confederacy continues to face systemic challenges that prevent them from being fully functional and effective.

TESCON is under-resourced and so outside the usual series of promises of Facilitation of national service placement, jobs, scholarship opportunities and building of database of TESCON members, there ought to be a comprehensive plan to resource TESCON in other to make them effective and efficient.

In recognition of funding as the main barrier in making TESCON resourceful especially when it comes to the implementation of planned activities, the Youth Wing under the Leadership of Abanga will establish a sustainable pathway that will fund all the activities of TESCON at the various institutions.

This will be done through the development of a blueprint that sets out statutory and optional activities that TESCON institutions are required to undertake. The youth wing will support these activities with an amount of GHC 5000 per institution on a Monthly basis.

Reference is made to a similar module which is currently operational at the Constituency level where each constituency receives ghc 5000 every month to run the day to day activities of the party.

Same will be done for TESCON if NPP Abanga is elected the National Youth Organizer of the New Patriotic Party. This holds the potential of making our TESCONs very resourceful and strong thereby putting TESCON in a better position to breaking the 8.

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