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Mason at site beaten up mercilessly by men in army uniforms (Video)

A mason has been brutally assaulted by a group of men who were wearing an army uniform in the Afigya Kwabre South.

According to an eyewitness who spoke on Kessben FM’s Breaking News with Nyakoh Abronomah, the mason was beaten for close to 30 minutes.

The eyewitness who happens to be the foreman of the mason who was beaten said that the men in uniform bagged into them at the construction site demanding a work permit.

“After I told them that the work permit is with the land owner, they started taking our pieces of equipment for the work and when the mason questioned them, they pounced on him by beating him to pulp” the foreman said.

It is believed that the men who beat up the mason are not military men but a task force which was led by one William in Afigya Kwabre.

From the video, it could be seen that he was the one who ordered the men in uniform to beat the mason.


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