GNAPS Holds Essential Workshop For School Leaders

The Ghana National Association of Private Schools has held an essential work shop for its members. The program that was themed ‘’Developing the 6 core competencies with NNF essential series’’ was held at the Miklin hotel in East legon was to train school owners and teachers about the common core program set by the government in May 2021 that the introduction of Common Core Program (CCP) as a new curriculum for B7 to B10 level of education is a critical tool that would help to eradicate the growing unemployment situation among young Ghanaian secondary and tertiary school graduates.

Following this, the Regional Chairperson for GNAPS, Madam Asiha Asi Akrofi, speaking with the press stated that the purpose for the program is to train school owners about the common call program in order to ensure that quality education is been practiced in the various schools. She explained that due to the common core program (CCP) introduced by the gov’t which includes the collaborative study, digital literacy etc. hence the need to train school owners.

When quizzed on the difference between the now education system and the previous one, Madam Akrofi stated that this new system allows students to be able to express themselves and communicate with the heads since the now education system is a team work. She ended by encouraging students to adhere to the curriculum without any resistance and also called on all members of GNAPS to join the training section.

Speaking with Kessben News Reporter Eunice Afoley, the zone twelve Chairman for GNAPS, Mr Kofi Owusu expressed his excitement for the exercise and also encourages the organizers and the association to bring more of such programs for the betterment of the students and private schools. He also used the platform to advice teachers to exercise patience with the students and create room for the to speak on issues and also allow them to do critical thinking.

Mr. Owusu also mentioned that during Parent Teachers Association meetings (PTA) the teachers should invite leaders of GNAPS to partake in their meetings in order to yield more results.

Source Eunice Afoley

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