GNAPS Celebrates Its Annual Week Festival

As most of the private schools in Greater Accra from the various Zones celebrates the GNAPS (GHANA NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PRIVATE SCHOOLS) week; that is a week for most of the private schools to celebrate and to engage in so many activities like seminars, indoor games, clean up exercise, donations etc.

On Monday 13, 2022, various schools from Zone 2 launched the GNAPS WEEK where the Zone 2 Chairman, MR Jacob Odonkor explained to the pupils what GNAPS means and the importance of every private school to be part of this association.

The theme for the week; Reposition Private Schools in an Era of Digital Age’’ Mr Odonkor spoke of the importance and the need of Technology and IT, since they are gradually driving the economies of the world which Ghana is no exception.

The week has various activities starting from the 13th -17th June 2022. Each day has an interesting activities going on. There was a route March on Monday to officially launch the week. On Tuesday, the leadership of GNAPS donated some items to the vulnerable National Cardiothoracic Centre. Wednesday 15 June, the committee held a workshop for School Owners and Teachers at the Miklin hotel to educate them on the common core program which also themed ‘’ Developing the 6 core competencies with NNF essential series’’

Due to the Black stars March that will commence on the 17th of June 2022, the climax of the GNAPS week celebration at the Accra Sports Stadium has been re-scheduled to the 22nd and 23rd of June.

On that day all the private schools in Greater Accra will gather and entertain their pupils at the Accra Sports Stadium. This is to end the celebration of GNAPS WEEK activities. There will be a foot and volley ball competition between the schools.
Some dignitaries to help climax the program are the former for the 4th Republic of Ghana, H.E John Dramani Mahama, King Jerry etc.

GNAPs therefore wish and invites all Ghanaians and individuals to pass by and climax the day with them.

Source Eunice Afoley

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