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‘Tell them I’m dead DCE’ explains his side of the story

The District Chief Executive for Bosome-Fremo, Hon Yaw Danso has expressed shocked over a viral video of him showing disrespect to the assembly members in his district.

According to him, he will be the last person to disrespect his assembly members who are his major stakeholders.

He however calls on the aggrieved assembly members to exercise patience and come to his office if they have any problem.

In the said video which has gone viral, the Hon D.C.E was asked by the producer of the show that the assembly members in his district are complaining that they can’t find him, the DCE replied, “tell them I am dead, if they claim they can’t fine me tell them I’m dead”.

Responding to the viral video on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, Hon. Danso express shocked over the video and denied ever disrespecting the media house and the assembly members.

Explaining his side of the story, Hon. Danso indicated that the lady actually called and did the introduction all that he said was that, “eeeeeiiii, then am dead oooh, if they claim they can’t fine me then am dead, and he laughed over it.”

Source: Modernghana

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