We shall resist all other bills brought to parliament unless anti-gay bill is attended to – Minority threatens

Until the anti-gay bill is given the needed attention, the Minority in Parliament has warned that it will not attend to any other bills in the house.

The ‘anti-gay bill’ also known as the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill, 2021 was presented to parliament in 2021.

The bill among other things seeks to criminalise homosexuality and make advocating for LGBT people a crime in Ghana.

Although the bill has been under consideration since October 2021, its fate is hanging in a balance.

Speaking on the floor of Parliament on Wednesday, June 8, 2022, Asawase Member of Parliament (MP) Muntaka Mubarak expressed displeasure over the inactivity in relation to the anti-gay bill before the house.

He said until the anti-gay bill is attended to, the Minority in Parliament will mount a resistance to all other bills that will be presented.

“So far, as this constitution is concerned when we introduce a bill in this house and it is before the committee that committee must not spend more than three months without coming to tell us reasons why it has to go beyond the three months.

“…Since this is a matter that the Chair of the Constitutional and Legal Affairs wants to use to delay that bill, that bill was in this house before several other bills, I can assure you that any other bill introduced in this house, we shall resist it. Even if it is to provide water in Asawase we will resist it,” Muntaka Mubarak stressed.

The Asawase MP continued, “We will make sure that that bill, as long as it stays there no other bill passes through this house.”

The anti-gay bill in Parliament has backing from several MPs from both the Minority and the Majority sides.

Many Ghanaians including religious organisations and CSOs are in support of its passage with the argument that it is against the culture and traditional values of the Ghanaian society.


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