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Caught ‘Kwashe boy’ hands cut away after robbing a lady of her phone & requested MOMO Pin (Video)

A Kasoa mob completely cut off the fingers of a thief they caught on Thursday, 2nd June 2022 after robbing a lady of her mobile phone.

Eyewitnesses say the thief who has been identified as Prince Adaka was lucky not to have died from the beatings of the charged up youth who caught him.

Prince Adakwa after monitoring the young lady pulled scissors at her and demanded her phone along a street.

Kessben FM’s reporter Odeshieba Kwaku reporting on Breaking News with Akwasi Ntiamoah said after Adaka took the phone away from the lady and as the lady was leaving the scene she exclaimed about what had just happened to the young men around who had to chase the Adakwa until they caught him.

The youth who live around Kasoa say, they have been wrongly perceived to be thieves therefore anyone they catch stealing in the area does not have it cool.

Before the arrival of the Kasoa police command, the fingers of the Adakwa were completely chopped away.


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