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Lady Caught Stealing in Pentecost Mission House Confess Using ‘Spirit’ to Open Locked Doors (Video)

A young lady who has only been identified as Felicia has been arrested after she was caught stealing from a Pentecost mission house in Dormaa.

Kessben FM’s reporter in the Bono Region reporting on Breaking News said when Felicia entered the house, she gave some monies to the kids she met to go buy candies and she then proceeded with her operation.

She probably thought she had ended her operation successfully after stealing some home items and money until a man who fortunately was the only person around heard some noise and approached to find out.

When he got out of his room and to his surprise, he found the lady with the items ready to move out of the mission house.

He quickly called others to the scene who did not spare the young lady from some beatings.

When Felicia was queried, she said that she came all the way from Akwaimu. Asked how she was able to unlock some of the doors to enter the rooms, she said she uses spirit to open locked doors.

But when she was ordered by the mob to open a locked door, she could not and later explained that the spirit had left after the beatings.


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