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Snake bites testicle of teacher trainee while pooping on abandoned “wheetim” toilet (Video)

It was very sad at the Assin Fosu College of Education as a student who is learning to become a trained teacher was bitten by a snake on his testicle while pooping.

It has been learnt that the Toilet facility which the level 300 student was using to ease himself is an abandoned toilet facility which has weeds all grown around.

Reporters from Kessben Media after checking up on the campus learned there are good toilet facilities in the school but unfortunately, these facilities which are in good shape are often locked up.

Because the good toilet facilities are often locked, most of the students have been using the abandoned facility to ease themselves.

And unfortunately for the third-year student, he had to suffer the consequences of someone not doing the right thing.

An official of the school told Kessben News, that he has since been admitted at the hospital receiving treatment.


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