We can’t do anything about the private developer building on the asphalted road – Ashanti Region Minister

The Ashanti regional minister, Simon Osei Mensah has reacted after videos surfaced online where a private developer has built a fence on an asphalted road in Kumasi, around the office of the Regional coordinating council.

The Regional minister says his office cannot do anything to stop the private developer from building on the land which has been asphalted.

According to him any attempt to stop the private developer to stop working on the land will lead to a judgement debt around the neck of the government thus can’t stop him.

The regional minister indicates the private developer legally acquired the land which he is currently working on therefore it will be difficult to stop him from developing the land.

Kessben News checks have revealed that in 2004, a rezoning was done in Kumasi which affected the portion of land behind the Ashanti regional coordinating council that resulted in the land being sold to the private developer.


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