Sudanese activists call for demonstrations against army

Sudanese activists have called for protests on Thursday to continue to demand the end of military rule.

Protest organisers had planned action for Wednesday but decided to delay it by a day at the last minute.

A poster shared on social media by the Sudanese Professionals’ Association – the group that mobilised protests against the former president, Omar al-Bashir – urged Sudanese to take part in the “million-march” demonstrations.

A doctors’ union says more than 60 people have been killed in weeks of demonstrations demanding for civilian rule.

Abdalla Hamdok, who had served as prime minister before he was arrested by the military in October and later reinstated as premier a month, later resigned on 2 January – throwing the country into a major crisis.

The army now remains fully in charge as talks continue on the appointment of civilian leaders.

source: bbc

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