Kenya arrests 91 Ethiopians being held in a house

Police in Kenya have arrested 91 people believed to be Ethiopian nationals suspected to be in the country illegally.

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) says the group was arrested at a house in Kitengela, outside Nairobi, on Sunday evening.

All are men below the age of 25, and had attempted to break out of the house where they were being held.

On Twitter, the DCI said they are believed to have been smuggled into the country onboard a lorry and were being held in the house temporarily as the smugglers sought means to sneak them to another country.

Police are searching for the persons who brought them in.

Undocumented Ethiopians are routinely arrested in Kenya every year after arriving to look for jobs or in transit to other countries.

In October, police arrested 14 Ethiopian nationals, four adults and 10 children, suspected to be in Kenya illegally.

source: bbc

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