Statement: Notice Of National Annual Delegates Conference

In accordance with Article 10(2)(5) of NPP Constitution, notice of the 2021 National Annual Delegates Conference of the Party is hereby served. The Conference shall be held from 18th December to 20th December 2021, at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in Kumasi.

Delegates to the Conference as provided for under Article 10(2)(3) include:

a) All members of the National Council

b) All members of the National Executive Committee

c) All members of the Regional Executive Committee

d) All members of the Constituency Executive Committees

e) Fifteen (15) members of the National Council of Elders

f) Twelve (12) delegates from every External Branch

g) One (1) TESCON representative from each recognized tertiary Institution in the country

h) Fifteen (15) patrons elected from among themselves

i) Founding members across the country, who are signatories to the registration documents of the Party at the Electoral Commission.

j) All Party Members of Parliament

k) All Party Members who are Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives.

The Party wishes to emphasize that attendance to the National Annual Delegates Conference shall be strictly by invitation, with full observance of all COVID-19 health protocols.

Thank you.



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