Takoradi: Woman Jailed 6yrs For Faking Kidnaping

The Takoradi Harbor Circuit Court presided over by Hos Honor Kudjo Ampadu has sentenced the woman who faked her kidnapping to six years imprisonment with hard labour.

This was after Joana Krah pleaded guilty to two counts, deceiving a public officer and the publication of false news with intent to cause fear and panic.

The accused was also sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for publication of false news, both sentencing will run concurrently as proffered by the court.

Meanwhile the court placed the custody of the accused three year old son in that of Evangelist Francis Nyambo, the supposed adopted father of Joana Krah.

The judge said owing to the prevalence of stunt kidnaping in the Takoradi metropolis, the practice should be nibbed in the bud.

SOURCE: kasapafm

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