The World Ain’t Fair – Ghanaian Producer’s Last Words Before He Was Found Dead

A budding Ghanaian music producer, identified as Yaw Boakye Dankwa, has been found dead in what his family suspects to be suicide.

The producer and Chief Executive Officer of Emperor Music, better known as Yaw Geng, was found hanging dead in his room.

This was three days after he made an alarming post on Facebook, bemoaning the hardship the average human faces in the country.

He wrote: “Sometimes things don’t go as planned and there is nothing you could do aside giving up. We are only humans and we are not meant to be here forever. There is a question I’ve been asking myself a billion times ….why are some of us born into suffering and others with a silver spoon in their mouth…? The world ain’t fair.”

While some sympathised with his situation with words of encouragement, others simply advised him to simply end it all in death.

It is suspected that he took the ill advice and committed suicide.

One of the Facebook users, who urged him to kill himself, has rendered an apology on the same platform, as he claims it was just a joke.

He added that they are close friends and such a joke is not a big deal to either of them. He, however, apologised to the family and friends of the late Geng.

SOURCE: adomonline

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