I Called My Family To Say Goodbye – Man Whose Car Was Trapped In Kumasi Floods Recounts

A 36-year-old businessman, who got trapped after his vehicle was swept away in Kumasi floods, has recounted the web of emotions he went through in that near-fatal period.

Mohammed Amin, a father of three, was in the company of one other person when his Toyota Camry vehicle was swept away at Asabi Junction, a spot which has gained notoriety for flood-related deaths in recent times.

In his first-ever media engagement after escaping by the skin of teeth, he told the media that the failure of emergency service providers to rescue him and another victim after spending over an hour on the rooftop of his car dashed all hopes of survival.

“There was only 1% chance that I will live; 99% was off. At that time I was sitting on the car, I felt sad about being a Ghanaian more than one hour of making calls to everybody including the media, no NADMO official or any authority was spotted,” he said.

While awaiting a miracle, Mr Amin said all he could think of was reaching out to his family, a call he thought might probably be his last if help did not arrive on time.

“I told my wife my fate and added that if she does not meet me alive, we will be together in Heaven,” was the only message he delivered.

His hope was, however, restored by the bravery of two young men who did their possible best to bring them to safety.

Mr Amin’s white Camry car was destroyed in the front area, but the damages cannot be compared to what would have happened to them if the two bypassers did not offer to help.

Mr Amin was on his way back from work, with a woman he offered a lift in the passenger side when the incident occured.

They were among motorists and commuters left stranded for several hours as a downpour on Tuesday evening got several parts of the Ashanti Region to flood.
The floods caused heavy vehicular traffic and rendered sections of roads inaccessible.

SOURCE: adomonline

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