I used a loan meant to repair my Taxi to do a campaign song for Akufo-Addo, now my landlord has evicted me – Nana Addo

Veteran Ghanaian High life musician, Nana Addo has opened up about the difficulties he’s enduring in life.

The ‘3dan Ntese adaka’ hit maker in an exclusive interview with Kessben TV/FM divulged that life has become very difficult for him to the extent that his landlord in Kumasi had to evict him due to failure to pay for his rent.

Speaking on Breaking News with Ali Baba Dankambari, the musician debunked assertions that most old musicians lived an extravagant lifestyle that could not make them save financially.

The Highlife musician stressed that during their prime, there was not so much money in the music industry, a reason why the lives of most old musicians have not been quite well.

“During our time, there wasn’t too much money in the music industry. And also it was a time where piracy was at its peak. You will do the music and some other people will make recordings of it, put your name on it, and be selling them” He stated.

According to the musician, before he actively left music, he managed to buy himself a salon car which he used for a Taxi business after he had returned from Asia.

“I bought a Taxi after I returned from Asia so I was working as a Taxi driver at Bantama but unfortunately the engine of the car broke down and I had to go for a loan of GHC2000 to get a new engine and fix the car.

When I went for the loan, it was around the 2020 Elections. I had a dream where I saw Nana Addo as the president who made railway transport in Ghana very active. I decided to use the Ghc2000 loan to do a piece of music for Akufo-Addo.

After the elections, I have not heard of them and life has been extremely difficult. My landlord has evicted me from his House, someone in Nkoranza has given me a small room where I currently stay.

I’m therefore using your medium to plead to the general public to come to my aid” He added.

The high-life musician further disclosed that he had to sell his Taxi Ghc3000 to repay the loan he took in 2020 which was meant to repair his Taxi.


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