All you need to know about #NSMQ2021

Ahead of the Preliminary Stage, here’s all the details to this year’s National Championship

It’s barely a week to the start of the 2021 National Championship, and we’ve put together a helpful guide to the National Championship starting from the Preliminary Stage (Prelims), through the One-eighth Stage, the Quarterfinals, the Semifinals and the Grand Finale.

Preliminary Stage

The Preliminary Stage of the 2021 edition of the National Championship would be held in the eight regions/zones from October 26 to November 5, 2021. There would be a total of thirty-nine contests, and the winners from these contests, together with fifteen top runners-up nationwide, would join the twenty-seven seeded schools to compete at the One-eighth Stage of the competition.

One-eighth Stage Balloting

After the Preliminary Stage, another balloting exercise would be conducted to group the twenty-seven seeded schools with the fifty-four schools that would progress from the Preliminary Stage, into twenty-seven contests. This would also be done by representatives from the GES.

One-eighth Stage – Grand Finale

The One-eighth Stage of the competition to the Grand Finale would be held for the first time in Kumasi. This would come off from November 12 – 26, 2021. At the One-eighth Stage, contests would be held simultaneously at two venues, to reduce the number of competition days, and in effect, the number of contact hours in camp.

However, the Quarterfinal to the Final stages would be held at one venue only, as has always been done. The 27 winners from the One-eighth Stage would compete at the Quarterfinal Stage, out of which nine schools would progress to the Semi-final Stage.

From the Semifinal Stage, three schools would make it to the Final Stage to compete for the much-revered Championship title.

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