Pupils plead with Government to fix road leading to their school (Video)

Residents of Sewfi Futa are calling on the government as a matter of urgency to turn attention to what seems to be their biggest problem currently.

They say the construction of the road was given to a contractor who has now abandoned the project. Speaking to the cameras of Kessben TV, the residents bemoaned about the bad state of the road.

According to the school children who also ply the same road says when it rains, the main road to their school gets flooded thus denying them the opportunity to attend school.

“When it rains it becomes very difficult for us to go to school. We can’t cross the road to the school because the water will take over the road.

We’re therefore pleading with the government and the various authorities to come to our aid” A student said.

Kessben FM’s reporter Ato Kwamina’s report on Breaking News revealed that for the past 14 days a good number of students at Sewfi Futa have had to abandon school due to how precarious their road to school has been.


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