Ancient Aboriginal Council, Anamase Kingdom and Royal Council of Ga State call for oneness

The Ancient Aboriginal Council of the Americas, Anamase Kingdom and the Royal Council of Ga State have made a clarion call for oneness in seeking progress.

The Council of AACA first gave a concession of gratitude to the Tunnmaa, the Royal Dynasty for their enormous support in keeping our rich culture and traditional way of life.

They believe that customs, values and traditions ought to be protected well for generation upon generation to witness. Americans, Europeans and other foreign nationals have assimilated most of our cultural settings and show much respect to it.

The Ancient Aboriginal Council of the Americans expressed their appreciation to the Nation for the Royal appointment of Hon. Chief Stacey Spirit-Wolf Allen as Ambassador of Abo La Piam of Royal Council and the American Indian Nations.
They showed their love to the “Year of Return” and wished to participate in future too. According to them, they learnt a lot of things from such memorable events, socialising with many people from different parts of the world.

They realised that many tribes have African ancestry which is so commendable.
Addressing the media, the leader noted that ” we of the Ancient Aboriginal Council of the Americas, who are members and Chiefs of the Choctaw Muskogee Yamassee Nation, Aniyunwiya Nation, Southeastern Woodland, Nanih Waiya Chahtas, Yat Siminoli Mvskoke Wolf clan and the Eastern Woodland Skarure Woccon of the Cape fear Aborigines, pray to our kindered of the Abola Piam and the Anamase Royal Alliance Council represented by Oyanka, that they may form a strong alliance and treaty of peace for all.


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