Lord Paper Details The Reason For Deleting Bosom P-Yung’s Verse From His Song

Afrobeat singer, Lord Paper has detailed the reason for deleting colleague, Bosom P-Yung’s verse from his song.

It could be recalled, the two were recently involved in a serious disagreement following the expression of. Bosom P-Yung’s displeasure in Lord Paper for taking his verse off his song without his knowledge.

According to P-Yung, Lord Paper should have informed him of the reasons why he took his verse off before doing so. But instead, he recruited another artist for the project.

In response to that, Lord Paper clapped back at Bosom. And said the latter could have reached out to him personally for matters to be settled amicably. And for a better explanation but instead, he decided to express his emotions on social media just for social media clout.

Lord Paper explained himself on Abeiku Santana’s drive time show on Okay FM, saying he removed. Bosom P-Yung from the song since he did not show up on the final day. When the record was to be corrected before being mastered.

“I called Bosom P-Yung around 1 pm to inform him about the development and he told me he was on his way. We left the studio at 9 pm. And he had not shown up. I was expecting a call from him to explain why he did not make it but it never happened.”

He also revealed that Bosom P-Yung attacked him at a lounge since his social media approach did not work, adding that his manager made up excuses for him, saying that the latter is under depression, thus his violent behaviour.

However, he revealed that he has not pressed any charges against Bosom P-Yung because their respective managers are solving issues behind closed doors.


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