Australian mission won’t reach ‘all that it should’

Australia will not be able to help all Afghans who have supported Australian soldiers in the country, Prime Minister Scott Morrison says.

Australia – part of the US-led coalition – had forces in Afghanistan from 2002 until June this year, and lost 41 soldiers.

It is hoping to evacuate Australian citizens and some Afghans from Kabul if it can do so safely.

But Mr Morrison said “that support won’t reach all that it should”, adding: “On-the-ground events have overtaken many efforts – we wish it were different.”

Australia has drawn fierce criticism that its rescue mission is too late.

Mr Morrison said it was “a sobering day for everyone” to see the Taliban seize control.

Last year an inquiry found “credible evidence” that Australian elite soldiers had unlawfully killed 39 people during the war.

source: bbc

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