Twene Jonas has been paid by NDC – Former NPP Chairman

A former Chairman of the ruling National Patriotic Party at Fomena constituency, Akwasi Nti Asamoah is alleging that Twene Jonas has been paid by the National Democratic Congress party to malign the New Patriotic Party.

According to the NPP member, the Ghanaian US-based social media commentator, Twene Jonas has been sponsored by the National Democratic Party to be hard on the ruling government. Reacting to the prevailing insults on the Ghanaian social media space, the former NPP Chairman cited Twene Jonas who insults like he has a degree in insulting as being paid to do so, something which he believes has become part of a tool in Ghanaian politics.

“Twene Jonas is being paid by the NDC to insult. See there are people who have left Ghana to America for almost 10 years but do not have the money this guy is showing. He’s been there for close to 2 years but see the money he’s having. Where did he get all these monies from? The NDC are the people sponsoring him” He stressed.

Twene Jonas became popular on the Ghanaian social media space after his consistent criticisms with hard-core insults to the authorities in Ghana.

Source: kessbenonline.com/ Story by Nazir Hamzah and Ray Charles Marfo

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