9-Year-Old Oswald Donates ‘Our Day’ Gifts To Orphanage [Photos]

Viral ‘Our Day’ schoolboy, Oswald, has donated all the gifts he received at his end-of-term party to an orphanage home.

Oswald has proved to have a heart of gold.

Before Friday 30th July, Oswald Gennuh was just a regular nine-year-old who wanted his mother not to disappoint him on ‘Our Day’ so he wrote a note to her making a list of things he wanted for his day.

A colleague of his mother thought it was a cute little note and posted it to his Twitter followers.

Over 50 companies volunteered to give Oswald products with banks even opening accounts for him. Musicians like Kidi and Dope Nation were at Oswald’s school to perform.

It is hard to get everyone on social media, especially to agree on one thing, so there were those who were not impressed with all the ‘opportunistic donors’ and advocated for help for children from way less-privileged areas.

Oswald and his parents have left the naysayers ashamed as they have donated the items they received to the Royal Seed Orphanage.

He and his parents have been applauded for their selflessness.

SOURCE: adomonline

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