Florentino Perez: Cristiano Ronaldo is an idiot and Mourinho is abnormal

The Florentino Perez leaked audio clips continue and it seems no one is safe from his scathing behind-closed-doors comments, with Cristiano Ronaldo and Jose Mourinho among the targets in the latest quotes published.

The most recent quotes, dating from two conversations, the most recent in October 2012, published on Wednesday morning, see the Real Madrid president take aim at several of the Portuguese stars at the club.

The content of the leaked audio recordings, released once again by El Confidencial, includes some damning comments towards Ronaldo and Mourinho in particular in 2012, when both were at the club.

“[Ronaldo] is crazy. The guy is an idiot, he’s sick,” said Perez.

“You think this guy is normal, but he’s not. If he was, he wouldn’t do all the things he does.

“The last stupid thing, which everyone in the world saw… why do you think he’d do something so stupid?”

Perez also slammed both Ronaldo and Mourinho for having massive egos and being blinkered to reality.

[Jorge] Mendes has no control over [Ronaldo] and it’s the same with Mourinho – none at all,” said Perez.

“Even for interviews, they don’t listen to him. These are two guys with terrible egos, spoilt the pair of them, who don’t see the reality because they could both earn a lot more money if things were different.

“They are both abnormal because we are talking about a lot of money in terms of image rights. And with that face they have, that challenging glare, the fact that no one likes them… if the publicity was different, everything changes.”

Furthermore, Ronaldo and Mourinho were not the only Portuguese that Perez had some choice comments for, with Fabio Coentrao also coming in for criticism.

“He’s nuts, that’s one of the effects of Real Madrid. He’s another mindless one and Madrid eats guys like that,” said Perez.

“Right now, he’s scared and Mourinho is an idiot. It’s not that he doesn’t want to play… Well, he’s a little stupid, driving without a licence.

“The pressure has got to him and that’s because he’s sick but the other one doesn’t care about that.”

Staying with the theme, the Real Madrid chief also had something to say about Jorge Mendes‘ role in Pepe‘s transfer to Los Blancos in 2007, which came during the presidency of Ramon Calderon.


“That the 30 million [euros] have left here and arrived there, no doubt, but now you have to look at the bank it’s ended up in,” said Perez.

“He does that with Jorge Mendes, the representative of Porto‘s president [Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa], with him everything is odd. Mendes pops up and he’d pay him as he’s the Porto president’s alibi.

“He and Mendes got money from the Russian with the Mourinho deal and the [Ricardo] Carvalho and [Paulo] Ferreira ones… and that money they take it to Switzerland. Someone mixed up in all this should get mad and they have to give us a clue about that account in Switzerland.”


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