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Apple and Google investigated by UK competition body

The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has confirmed it is investigating Apple and Google over their dominant position in the mobile phone market.

It is “taking a closer look” at the “effective duopoly” the two firms have.

That includes the operating systems Android and iOS, both app stores, and Safari and Chrome web browsers.

Officials are examining whether the pair are “stifling competition across a range of digital markets”.

“The CMA is concerned this could lead to reduced innovation across the sector and consumers paying higher prices for devices and apps, or for other goods and services due to higher advertising prices,” the authority said.

Google said its Android ecosystem generates £2.8bn in revenue for UK developers, and supports 240,000 jobs. It also said it had made major changes to its terms based on discussions with regulators – such as the EU.

Apple has also been contacted for comment.


Ray Charles Marfo

Digital Marketing and Brands Expert

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