'Ronaldo still has two years left at the top'

Former Madrid icon Amancio Amaro believes that it would be foolish to write off the club’s all-time record goalscorer on the basis that he has just turned 31 years old
Real Madrid legend warns that it is far too early to write off Cristiano Ronaldo, believing that there are plenty of goals left in him.
Despite trailing La Liga’s leading scorer Luis Suarez by just two goals, this season the former Manchester United star has received criticism for his performances, particularly against Spain’s elite teams.
Ronaldo turned 31 earlier in February, prompting many pundits to suggest that his best days are behind him, but Amancio, who won nine Primera Division titles and a European Cup with Real Madrid over the course of a stellar career, feels that it would be foolish to write off Ronaldo prematurely.
“No way! 31 years is not the finish line,” he told Goal when asked if he thought that Ronaldo’s powers were in decline. “I think at least he has two good years to continue giving a very good performance.”
Despite a turbulent season which has seen Rafa Benitez replaced by Zinedine Zidane, the 76-year-old believes that Madrid, who face Roma on Wednesday, are now well placed to challenge for the Champions League title with the Frenchman at the helm.
He remarked: “I hope and wish the best! Real are going through a difficult phase but this is a quality team with players who can win the Champions League.
“Zidane has approached the job with enthusiasm and confidence. You can see he is transmitting that to the players. I do not know of the problems that might have existed before but players seem happier now.

“Zidane is a natural leader with great charisma and that drives the group.”
credit: m.goal

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