I’m no more a joker – Ayariga

The founder and leader of the All People’s Congress (APC) Hassan Ayariga has stated that he will no more be a “joker” in this year’s elections.

Ayariga was nicknamed “Ayaricough” in 2012 after his humorous pronouncements during that year’s presidential elections.

But the APC leader who recently broke ranks with the People’s National Convention (PNC), a political party on whose ticket he contested the 2012 presidential elections said people misconstrued his attempt at humour as a joke.

“People see someone being humorous as somebody being a joker. No!! Nobody jokes at age 40, No!! Nobody jokes at age 40,” Ayariga said at a press conference on Monday.

Ayariga added that he is the best person to lead the country and that Ghana was suffering because the good people have kept quiet allowing people in power to do the wrong things.

“You need to get closer to me and you will understand that the best man for Ghana is Dr Hassan Ayariga… a new wind has started blowing, something completely new is emerging… there is going to be a shake-up in the Ghanaian political space this time around and we invite you to be part of the history”.

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