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Maybe Obinim Was Referring To A Different 'Jesus' – Rev Owusu Bempah

The founder and leader of Glorious Word and Power Ministry International, Rev. Dr. Owusu Bempah has described as a mockery to Jesus Christ and an embarrassment to Christianity for Bishop Daniel Obinim to say Jesus Christ metamorphosis into any form of animal.
According to the outspoken Reverend Minister, Jesus Christ is not something anybody can belittle looking at the way Bishop Daniel Obinim has done, but added unless Obinim is making a reference to another ‘Jesus’ other than the savior of the world the Bible has described.
He considered the words of Bishop Obinim saying he (Obinim) and his father (Jesus) visited his church member in the realms of the spirit too serious which has rippling effect on the image of the clergy in the country and an embarrassment to Christianity.
He was of the view that Bishop Daniel Obinim needs biblical teaches and advice as a younger brother; adding he should be careful not to think he can take Ghanaians for a ride with his words.
“He should not make Jesus Christ look like nobody before the people where anybody can joke with him. Jesus Christ is not an ordinary being; it was through him the world was created. Even the angels in heaven cannot come near the seat of Jesus Christ as the Bible says, to the extent that he will turn into a lion and a dog to visit a woman,” he chided.
He was emphatic that what Obinim said is a “mockery” to Jesus Christ, but paused to ask the kind of Jesus Bishop Obinim was referring to, as the Bible made mention of Bi-Jesus; stressing that many people mention certain gods they are worshipping as if the same Jesus Christ who died to for mankind.
“If I see my younger brother, I will ask him to tell me which Jesus he was referring to, but if it is the Jesus Christ who died to save mankind that he is talking about, then he has gone too far and too deep,” he averred.

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