Mahama was an angel compared to what we see today – Hopeson Adorye pledges to beg ex-president

In a revelation on Accra FM, Hopeson Adorye, a former member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), now associated with the Movement for Change, has expressed his intention to publicly apologize to former President John Mahama.

Adorye, who plans to make this apology on live television, acknowledged that the campaign he joined which contributed to Mahama’s defeat in the 2016 elections was largely based on false accusations.

Reflecting on the current state of affairs under the NPP government, he said:

“As a human being, if you do something and you later realize the aim is not achieved, you need to speak up,” he stated.

In his statement, Adorye expressed remorse for his role in tarnishing Mahama’s reputation, saying, “I have said that one day, I will kneel down on television and say Mahama, I am sorry… The things we said about him; Mahama is a thief and all that, but Mahama was an angel as compared to today, we destroyed him for nothing.”

While vouching for his integrity, Adorye distanced himself from any involvement in illegal mining (galamsey) and other questionable operations linked to some members of the NPP.

He also denied participation in land-grabbing activities, particularly in East Legon, where he claims many could face jail over land disputes.

Adorye’s change of heart has also led him to announce that he will form a new group, the “Jail Them Advocacy Group,” which aims to push for the prosecution of corrupt officials under the current administration once there is a change in power.


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